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The Varie Thomas Winters Moore Scholarship Fund  

believes that all interested students deserve a chance to receive a higher education.


The mission of the Varie Thomas Winters Moore Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to students in need of financial support and who desire to further their education by attending college or technical school.**

The Varie Thomas Winters Moore Scholarship Fund  was established by her children in memory of their mother.  The Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to at-risk students in need of financial assistance to further their education.  This  organization is sustained exclusively by charitable grants and donations that qualifies it as an exempt organization

under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section for any further federal tax codes. 

Scholarship Committee

Ms. Carolyn A. winters, Chair

Mrs. Sandra, Marie (Winters) Jordan, 1st Vice Chair

Ms. Rebecca Opamen, 2nd Vice chair, website master

Mrs. Mary elizabeth (moore)marlowe, secretary, application evaluator

Mrs. linda faye (winters) opamen, assistant secretary

mr. albert griggs, jr. Financial Manager

Mr. Tony Marlowe, Application evaluator

mr.matthew opamen, website master

mrs. monique king, committee member

ms. debbie winters, committee member

mrs. yadahaahla morales, committee member


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